Looking for FP3 camera module

FP3 Camera module

My camera (and flashlight) seems to be broken. I’d like to swap my camera to find out which part of the phone is broken, camera or core part.

Who wants to sell or give away a FP3 camera after upgrading to FP3+? Preferable in the northern part of the Netherlands, or shipping from elsewhere.

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Look here (the bottom of the list is most recent) : ✏ List of people selling or giving away their FP3 camera modules


Thank you for this suggestion. I already looked there, but all offers were older and closed.

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That the offers are closed does not necessarily mean they are sold or given away. They are automatically closed after a week, so it’s normal. To check, please contact the users directly by sending them a direct message (see #how-to-dm).


Hi Emveebe. I upgraded to the FP3+ camera module as soon as I could and I’ve been trying to sell the FP3 camera for nearly 1½ and a half years. It is working perfectly. I could post it over to you and I would ask that you pay me €5 through Paypal when you receive it. It would be coming from Ireland and it would take would 2-3 business days. I have it for sale on adverts.ie , not sure if I’m allowed to paste the link but search “Fairphone 3 Camera (12MP)”. Hope this may help you.


Thank you all for thinking along and the offer. Through the list Antoine and the suggestion of Alex I found a camera offered for free only 16 K from my house!

I swapped the camera right away, but unfortunately the other camera makes no difference. Still neither camera, nor flashlight…

How bad news😒I think I remember that its easy to rip off some kind of connector/ cable when replacing the cam module, but cannot find the topic. Maybe someone else remembers better and can provide a link…

Edit found a topic, maybe check if its loose somehow

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Thank you for taking the effort to search for this info. I will open te phone once more later today to check this.

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