Looking for FP2 Screen around Eindhoven

My FP2 screen stopped working. Looking for a new one (around Eindhoven NL). Already ordered FP3 but looking for a solution in the meantime. Who helps me out?

I currently have a spare screen from 2016 which I intend to sell with my FP2 once I receive my FP3. It has a few white spots, and a small dent on the bottom right, so it feels wrong to ask money for it (I intend to give it away with my FP2). Which is why I kept it as spare.

If you want, you can borrow it. I work in Utrecht, but this week I’m on sick leave, so you’d have to wait. I can also have it send to you Saturday, then you probably have it Tuesday. S&H are yours.

Once you got your FP3 if you find it fair you can sell the screen with your FP2 and maybe give me a small part of the sale, or make a small donation to an environment related charity of your choice, or just recycle your FP2 with Fairphone and leave it at that. You can also give me the screen back. I just don’t want to make expenses because of this.

Before I give it to you, I’ll have to verify if/how it still works as I have not used it for a year.

Maybe someone else has a better offer!

Speaking of the devil:

This would give your FP2 a second life and also once more value for second hand market. It is also a newer screen.

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