Looking for Fairphone 3(+) Screen module

Looking for Fairphone 3 (+) screen module as bought a broken fairphone on ebay. Shipping to Glasgow, UK.

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First, the screen is the same for the FP3 and the FP3+ and is available on the Fairphone website. Further the display purchased from Fairphone has a two year warranty.

So what is broken? Is the current screen cracked and an unpleasant experience, or do you have no visual interface?

Does the LED light up when charging ?
Do you have sound and vibrations etc. when plugging in to charge.

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Hi Amoun,

Thanks so much for replying. I have bought this phone off eBay to try and transfer from my iPhone to the fairphone world. It’s my first fairphone. The phone turns on and vibrates but the screen just shows grey pixels. I don’t know if this means I need to totally repair the screen or if I can somehow fix this? If I do need to buy a new screen module I was hoping I could find a second hand one here but it sounds like that may not be possible.

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Screen module pixelation has been documented.

Please search for similar topics and solutions i.e.



Just as an update. I have (at least temporarily) fixed the problem by removing the display module and thoroughly cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol. I think this post was the most helpful:

I’m now looking forward to loading on Murena and starting to experiment with my fairphone!

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…and now discovered another problem. It seems the person I bought this phone off on ebay did not remove their google account from it. As a result I can’t get pass the factory reset protection screen. Is there any way around this?

Really best to open a new topic for a new query as the replies will not be easily found.

I suggest you delete this and if you can not find another topic that is useful create one.

Mean while, how did you try to reset, via the gui or the power / volume buttons. Do you know of both, have you tried etc.

But seriously. Start a new topic and delete the post above and I can delete mine and respond there.


Hi Amoun,
Thanks so much. I’ve started a new topic here:



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