Looking for display module Fairphone 2

Hi everyone

I accidentally drop my phone in a pool and have now a functioning phone with a black screen. I need to replace the core module but as I am not sure if it is the correct issue, I don’t want to purchase the 85 euros one on the official store. Contact me if you want to sell yours, even if there is a minor scratch on it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!


Your post is confusing as title suggests you are looking for a “core module” whilst price quoted is that for new display screen. Unfortunately it is probably too soon to say what result of immersion in pool (presumably chlorinated water) will transpire, but if core module damaged which is most expensive component it won’t be viable to repair device.



Thank you for your reply. You are right it is confusing. It’s more likely the screen that is damaged as the phone seems to work perfectly (turn on, vibrate for notification, green light and appears on the computer when plugging in). I change the title :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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