Looking for broken Fairphones

I need broken phones for workshops about the electrotechnical industry and sustainability. I’d like to have some modular phones in order to show alternatives to the “buy and throw away” mentality. It doesn’t have to work any more.
FP 1, 2 or 3 - doesn’t matter.


Isn’t a picture/video enough? Most sustainable way to demonstrate a more sustainable future :nerd_face:

Please note the FP1 is not modular. Reasonably repairable, but it was designed conventionally. Fairphone’s own modular design started with the FP2.

Yes, I know that, having used one for years. It would be fine to have one all the same (bc it’s as you say “reasonably reparable”).

I can spare an FP1. It’s fully functional and I would equip it with a mediocre battery (still allows to use the phone, but sometimes takes a long time to charge) if that’s ok. I still have another FP1U that is fully functional that I will keep.

Send me a PM with details if you want the FP1. No money required unless you want expensive shipping. :wink:


I have a spare FPU1, which has a non-functional screen (not cracked) and a bad micro-usb port. I could also send you its (healthy) battery if you want (and if you are in the EU).

Send me a pm if you’re interested. I would cover shipping :slight_smile:

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In germany there is an online marketplace where you can find many offers: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige:angebote/preis::100/fairphone/k0

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Hi Fanx, that’s great! I’m in Germany (and would pay for the shipping, though). I’ll have to figure out how I can write you a private message in order to give you my address. Concerning the battery: As far as I know, they can’t be sent outside a phone, being considered dangerous good.

Thanks; there are no broken phones for sale there, but I’ll use this link to show how people can easily buy and exchange parts in order to repair their phone.

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