Looking for broken, but still working FP1 display assembly

Hi everyone,
unfortunetly I threw my FP1 on the ground. Although it has been working for almost 6 months now with a “spider web display”, now the display is definitely falling appart. As you might know, the display assembly is still out of stock; but I really do not want to buy a new phone (I bought the FP1 to use it for a looooong time! Not just 2.5 years…). So I wanted to ask it someone of you has a spare FP1 display assembly, which is still working fine, and has only a minor crack, scratches or any other smaller issues…? Or which is at least not falling appart…
Thanks in advance!!


Hi Katrin,

i have one broken but working display of the FP1 2ndBatch. I changed it because it was dangerous to get glass in my finger but with a protective foil on it it should work.



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