Looking for Bottom Module (USB), ideally in Berlin


Ich suche ein Bottom-Module, da der USB-Connector den Geist aufgibt. Wenn jemand in Berlin eines verkaufen will, gerne melden :slight_smile:


I have one in Stockholm thah I could send (almost new dince my core module broke down), but it is perhaps not the best deal due to shipping.

It’s yours for €10 + shipping (approx €10)

Hallo @rabon !
I’m looking for a broken bottom module, to experiment with the USB-C prototype of Leo the crafter…
If yours has a broken usb, would you give it away? I’ll pay the shipping :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Erik,

Thank you for this. My core module has also started to do strange
things, and it got much worse during the last days. I will get back to
you in say a week when I have a better feel if I am able to repair this
pone. Would that be okay?


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