Looking for alternative (not oil-based plastic) cases for Fairphone 2

Have anyone heard of any?

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The FP2 is designed so that it doesn’t need a case, but there’s one on Thingiverse that you can 3D print (or have 3D printed by someone else) in PLA, which is starch-based and biodegradable. There are also a couple of printable back covers there.

If you’re talking book- or sleeve-style cases, Anna Treurniet is your one stop shop, although she’s only got the one type of FP2 case available at the moment. No idea if she’s still making more, you can probably ask her.


Thank you so much for the info :heart_eyes:

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You may find this video interesting - it shows what FP did with all the broken or otherwise unreusable FP2 covers they’d accumulated.


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