Looking for a working FP1 Mainboard/Motherboard (solved)

Hey fairphone friends,

I am looking for a working FP1 motherboard!
Does anyone has got an old Fairphone? Maybe with a broken, frozen or damaged display? water damage? The howl thing might be destroyed, i don’t care as long as the mainboard is still working.

Last Week from one second to another my FP1 display just didn’t want to work any longer. By now i figured out, that the display should be fine, but the motherboard is causing trouble.
One of the soldering joints at the display data-cable-socket seams to be broken.

Honestly I doubt, that anyone can fix that little tiny joint - tell me if I’m wrong! But i love my fairphone and realy would like to get it working again.
Sadly all the spare motherboards are out of stock. -Does anyone know if and when they will be back?

I am happy for any help!

so far enjoy yourself.
Greetings from Hamburg,

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