Looking for a spare monitor for FP1U repair

Hello everyone, I’m a FP1U user from Hong Kong. Please don’t mind that my English is not good.

My FP1U got touch screen problem and need a new one for repair. I’m lucky enough to find repair service in Hong Kong (since FP is a ‘rare’ phone here), but FP official website have no stock of the monitor already. May I ask anyone here have a spare FP1U monitor? No matter it is a new one or used one. Even if you have a spare FP1U which is no longer in use (but the monitor works…) .
I will pay the price of a new monitor and the mailing fee if you can send it to me. Please let me know if you have one to share or any idea for getting one. Thank you for your help.

Sunnystarrysky from Hong Kong.

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