Looking for a shop that can diagnose FP2 core module problem in Utrecht

My Fairphone 2 has been malfunctioning exactly as described in this page:

I’ve replaced the bottom module but sadly that did not resolve the issue. I will probably clean it with 99%+ alcohol next, but my hopes are not too high. I’d like to take my phone to a shop, but I live in Utrecht, and I’m not sure if there are competent shops in the city. I’ve seen @AlbertJP posting saying he lives in Utrecht; do you know any good shops?
Thanks to everybody

I don’t know of any stores, but I do have some spare parts including a battery and bottom module so I can certainly help in diagnosing this problem. Feel free to send me a PM.


Hi AlbertJP, I would really appreciate your help. Can we set up an appointment to look into it? Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to send a private message… Are you able to do that? Thank you very much once again