Looking for a FP3 in the Netherlands

Hello !

I live in the Netherlands and I am searching for a second-hand FP3 in good condition for max 300 euros.

Thank you !


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Hello Fanny,

The phone is in mint condition, which is what you are looking for, and I can also supply a USB C charging cable if you need one?

I am posting from the UK, pushing the costs up. I hope you would consider 330 EUR.

If there is anything else I can provide you to make a decision please let me know.

Best, Thomas.

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your message !

Would this price include the postal charges ? I am also wondering if, by any chance, you still have the receipt (so if anything happens to the phone, I believe I could still use Fairphone’s guarantee)?

Warm regards,


Hi Fanny,

Yes, I have the order receipt for you. Due to Coronavirus I didn’t receive the phone until May (I’ve also got the shipping details), so the phone will be well within warranty.

Yes I can include postage and the USB C cable at 330EUR.

If you let me know your email and I can email a copy of both to you.



Thomas, you should be able to use this forum’s messaging system now. Click on Fanny’s green icon and you should already see a blue “Message” button. :slight_smile:

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Hello Thomas,

Great ! Thank you very much ! Here is my email: [moderator edit: removed email. Please use the forum message feature for security reasons]

I am waiting for your email so we can arrange further details.

Warm regards,


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