Looking for a FP3 - France

I’m looking to get a FairPhone 3 since it’s out, but I’m really not able to buy anything new, so i’m looking here on this community :wink:
I live in France - Brittany.
I wish you all the best !
Thanks for this Phone and this Forum to exist <3
Jesse Robert

Hello !

I just buy an FP3 on Bouygues Market (https://www.bouyguestelecom.fr/telephones-mobiles/fairphone-3) you can buy a Fairphone 3 without a mobile subscription, and pay in 3 times with no cost. But i don’t know if the mobile is locked for Bouygues. Maybe you can try your operator’s market, many are available for 450€.


Thanks for the advice.
But I don’t really want to buy a new one :slight_smile:
Have a really nive day ! :smiley:

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