Looking for a FP3/3+ bumper

Hello everyone!
I hope I’m posting in the right section, I’m looking for a bumper for my first Fairphone… a 3+ model.
I waited for a while to have it with /e/ OS preinstalled, and now I’m afraid to carry it around since I’m a bit clumsy :smiley: (even though it feels solid).

I was thinking of 3d printing one with TPU, but actually if someone would just have an original one to sell it would be easier :slight_smile:

I’m living in Switzerland (which usually is a pain in the neck for customs declarations) but I could receive it also in France or in Italy, if anyone is interested feel free to make an offer :slight_smile: (for sure I’m up to pay for the shipment cost as well).


Hello macwood,
I have an unused bumper, as I have purchased a case for my FP3.
It’s never been used.
I’ll be happy to give it to you. I live in France.


Hello Jean,
Thanks a lot! :smiley: That’s really kind. I wanted to send a private message, but it seems that since I’m a new member I don’t have enough posts yet :frowning:
Do you have the possibility of sending PM?
(It’s not urgent, whenever you’ll have time … since with this covid situation it would also be difficult to go out, etc)

I could send at least a refund to cover the mail price (unless we don’t live close and I could pass to pick it up :smiley: ) and the cost of the bumper.

(p.s. I speak French too)


Try again, I see you have reached “basic user” status by now, so you should be able to message anyone here. :slight_smile:


That’s right :smiley: thanks a lot, I also just received the e-mail confirming the status update


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