Looking for a FP2 or FP3 - Germany or Italy

Hi there! I am looking for a second-hand FP2 or FP3 because I would like to combine the fairness of this brand with the sustainability of getting a second-hand product. Any offer? I am living in Germany but I can also receive in Italy.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, I habe an FP2 but gering a bit fed up: Battery life deteriorating even with newly bought batteries; wlan disconnecting in sleep mode from my Telekom router; getting generally slow. This seem to be common ailments. There is some hope that a fresh install will help, but I’m not prepared to attempt this again with this phone. I want to try a shiftophone instead, as they have a similar philosophy:

How much would you be prepared to spend? I ordered my FP2 in september 2016.

Hi! Thanks for the info and I am sorry for your phone! Unfortunately I need a phone that is not more than two years old otherwise Fairphone will not repair it

Thank you again anyways!

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