Looking for a FP2 bottom module / Recherche un module inférieur pour FP2

Hi everbody !

My microphone is over =) I’m looking for a bottom module.
I’m living in France.
Can you help me ? I cross my fingers :wink:

Thanks a lot,

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Hi Anne-Claire and welcome to the forum.

There’s a wizard making the basics of the FP2 bottom module with usbC port and mic.

Have a look at the following topic and if you like add your name, as a post, to it.

All the best

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Hi Amoun,
Thanks for your answer : it sounds interessing :slight_smile:
I’m reading all the post to be sure it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

All the best

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Apparently the speaker and the vibration small modules are separate from the mainboard of the bottom module which you can transfer from your existing one. So this item is the main board with a new mic and a USBC port.

The USBC port being slightly larger than the USB micro means either a little filing or cutting of the existing hole in the main housing or you can buy a new housing from Leo to save you the trouble.

All the best.

Hi Amoun,
How are you ?
Thank you for your advice ; and I’m sorry to answer you belatedly, I was in a rush at work !
I rely on you and I going to order a new bottom module from Leo.
Have a nice Sunday :slight_smile:

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