Looking for a fingerprint sensor ring

I lost the metal ring placed around the fingerprint sensor on the back of my Fairphone 3+. I contacted customer service to get it, but it’s not available for purchase and they told me to send the phone in for repair.

Does anyone have a spare ring? I’d rather not ship my phone to the Netherlands for such a tiny fix. I am located in Brussels.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure which ring you are talking about, is it essential.

Could you make one out of thin copper or plastic and attached it ?

I do have a ‘spare’ FP3 I’ll see if I can remove ‘the’ ring, though even if I can’t repair I’m also hesitant to send the ring it by post, so I will see if I can make a replacement :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer.
The ring is probably not essential, but it prevents dust and dirt to get inside the back cover.
You can see in the picture where it touches the back cover.

If it’s not mechanically essential I would cut a piece of material, plastic, rubber anything easy to cut and thin. Then use a small amount of double sided tape to keep it in place and then paint over it with nail varnish ~ I’ll leave the colour to you.

I use clear nail varnish on cracked screens to keep them smooth and keep water out etc.

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