Looking for a Fairphone dealer in Turkey

Does Fairphone has a dealer in Turkey? Due to registration burden and fees, importing phones personally, increases their cost too much :worried:

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Welcome to the forum.
Sadly, I don’t have good news for you.
Unfortunately, Fairphone does not ship to Turkey. And they only have local dealers in countries they are shipping to as well.

If there are some inofficial dealers? I have no idea.


Thank you @BertG for your prompt answer. Although it is unfortunate there is not a dealer for Turkey, I shall search for an unofficial one. Since, sustainability is top priority for me. I am sick of phones that becomes obsolete or irreparable in a couple of years. Being a DIY enthusiast I am also fond of easy repair videos for Fairphones.


Well Greece is local if you reside in North West Turkey, maybe you know someone there?

It would be awesome if there were not travel ban. Should wait till the ban lifted. Thanks anyways for the info.

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I guess I’m speaking for others here, too: It’s great to see interest from Turkey and we hope to see you here again :slight_smile: Maybe there are others in Turkey who want to get ahold of a Fairphone, perhaps you might want to start a new topic to look out for them or just to provide a point of assembly for people interested in Fairphone in Turkey. They might not show up immediately, but the topic would be helpful even later. We have a collection of such local/regional/national topics:

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Good point! I’ll definitely do it. But as I’m not a Discourse guru, let me figure out a bit.


Hi Murat,

How much is the current registration fee? Which Fairphone model are you interested in (FP2 / FP3 / FP 3+) ?

Hi @emre,

For 2021 registration fee for personally imported phones is ~2000 TRL (~200€), which is half of my pension!!

Ideally, I’d rather get an FP3+ if I get brand new. But, if second hand FP3 and onwards will do. But one caveat for second hand is, the battery can not be transported via courier companies AFAIK.


By the way if you are a Turkish resident, we may better chat under Fairphoners in Turkey/Türkiye’deki Fairphone-severler topic in order to collect all the info regarding Turkey together.

May be we can chat even in Turkish there, if you prefer :smirk:

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Unfortunately, I am not resident in Turkey. But I will follow the topic, thanks. If I can be of any help, I will try to contribute there as well.

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