Looking for a fairphone 3 case second hand

Looking for a FP3 case second hand. I live in the Netherlands, and can pay for shipping costs. Unless you live in Rotterdam, then I can come pick it up.

Many thanks

Same here! I am looking for a used protective case for FP3. Maybe someone is selling :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Dear @GiuliaP and @Yana_Huryn ,

I have a spare black protective cover for the FP3. It fulfills the "used / second hand " requirement, as I already bought it for my daughter’s FP3, but she prefers using the original bumper. So it is used but brand new. I even have the box, which is unexpected.

If you are still looking, come back to me.




Hi! In case you still did not sell the case, please email me at [email removed by moderator, please use the messaging system → see #how-to-dm]. thanks!

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Dear Thibaut,
In the end I bought a new one at the fair phone online shop, so I don’t need it anymore, but thank you



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