Looking for a Fairphone 2 motherboard

I am looking for a Fairphone 2 motherboard.
The memory card slot is broken and I think I have ann issue with the antenna as well.

Anyone interested, please let me know, how old is yours, and the price.

Thank you.


In case no one here is offering, you might want to look into Fairphone 2 Ersatzteil Core-Modul / Hauptplatine | grüne Elektronik bei Vireo kaufen, they have “B-Ware/Refurbished” FP2 core modules “like new” for 120 Euros. kundenservice@vireo.de if you want to contact them in English.

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I do have a FP2 that I do not use anymore. Motherboard is fine, the rest as well except the screen (one spot is not responding). How much would you like to offer for it? It is 5 years old I think.

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are you saying that you have a functioning bottom module that you don’t need anymore? :star_struck:
how much do you want for it (shipping to Germany)

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Can you email me via direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Lets take it from there.

[note moderator: I removed the email address, because It is not safe to put your email address here publicly.]

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