Looking at buying a Fairphone with my tax return but struggling to find one?

Hey! I’m looking at getting a new phone with my tax return money coming later this year (absolutely worth checking out what you’re paying against a calculator like this). I’m seriously considering a Fairphone as my next device, but can’t see a huge different in hardware between something like an older Nexus and this - except availability that is. I can’t find any for sale other than on the Fairphone store, but I don’t particularly want to pay £500 for a phone, especially one with hardware this far out of date. I love the values of Fairphone as a whole, but can’t spend this much money on a phone. Anyone else sourced a Fairphone for cheaper elsewhere? Thanks in advance :smile:

Currently the only option considerably cheaper is a used FP2. Keep following the unofficial Marketplace here.


Hi Louis,

urs_lesse is correct, used is the way to go. There’s a few on eBay here currently on auction.

I saw your tax calculator link too - I much prefer this one: http://salary-calculator.org.uk/

Cheers :slight_smile:

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