Longevity & device statistics


I discovered incidentally a menu named “Longevity & device statistics” (in English, while my phone is in French) in the Privacy settings.

Second problem when I open this menu: in French, the text is too long, so the screen does not appear completely and it’s impossible to swipe vertically to see all the options offered:

In English the screen appears entirely:

As a consequence, I first suggest Fairphone to fix 2 things:

  1. Rename the menu in French, in order to be more user-friendly for non-English speaking people.
  2. Allow vertical swipe or reorganize the French version of the screen in order to allow users to access the 2 options.

Finally, what do you suggest regarding the status of the 2 options?
I’m OK to help Fairphone improve its products but I generally don’t like to share my use of networks, and hence my localization, especially if it could be linked with my personal identity (through the IMEI number, as I bought my phone directly in the official store).

Thanks in advance!


I’m in the Uk, so mine is in English but like your’s en Francais, it is truncated exactly the same ~ I mean exactly ~ three paragraphs and no switches.

I had to change the font size to see as you have in your second image.

Maybe you already use the smallest font and can’t do any adjustment. There would commonly be a scroll bar when the content doesn’t fit the window ???

You may like to contact support|at|fairphone dot with your observation.


This is a community forum, you should inform Fairphone support about your findings: support@fairphone.com

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Thank you to you! I’m going to write to the support.
My aim was also to open a debate about the 2 options we can select :wink:.

OK will look at that :slight_smile:

Just looking

One issue is that the text states it is essential for updates but I have both off and no issue with updates ??

It also says it’s essential fo spares parts etc. Well maybe desirable to help but not essential.

When people lay the essential and needy thing on me I challenge them, in this case I ignore them and it stays off until they can be more graceful.

Many people have opinions of what others ‘should’ do etc. It’s all a bit of a controlling attitude which doesn’t sit well with me.


Thank you to you! I’m going to write to the support.

Done and taken into account by the support team “for future developments”

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