Long emails cut off

when I get long emails, they are cut off mit a “Reload the rest” link - but this link does not work.
Is there any patch for it?

I suggest you are talking about your Exchange account at Strato.de (as stated here)?
You could look through the settings, possibly there is a size threshold for downloading messages.

Alternatively install K-9 Mail (F-Droid / Google Play) and see if the problem persists.

Hi Stefan,

somehow I missed the notification about your answer.
Yes, I’m talking about my strato account. When sonfiguring, I selected the highest limit (100 kB? I don’t remember, there is nothing about that in settings now). Anyway, it seems to happen to much smaller emails, esp. when they have a lot of html formatting. And I would expect that klicking the “Download remaining” button should get the rest of the message.

Some 3 years ago I tried K-9 (with my old samsung) and I did not like it, already forgotte why. Maybe the current version is better.

Yeah, you should try the latest version, maybe you like it better now.

Alternatively remove your exchange account on the phone and add it again.

Do any of these suggestions help?