Lockscreen flickers when music is playing

Fairphone OS 1.6- music player is Rocket Player. I have set it so that the music player controls are displayed on the lockscreen. I am using a 4 digit pin code to unlock the phone. When the music player is in use and the screen locks, the music controls are behind the lockscreen and the display “flickers” between the music controls and the keypad for entering the pin code. I’m not sure if this is a fairphone bug or a rocket player bug!


I saw the same problem on my device, too. But not very often. I’m using PowerAmp and a Lock-Pattern but I’m not sure that music was always playing when the issuer occurs. I used FP OS 1.5 until the day before yesterday. I haven’t seen it on 1.8 until now. I will keep an eye on it and report here if it will happen again.


I’ve not had any problems with google play music. The widget appears fine on the lock screen.

I did have a problem in one of the earlier version of the play music app, but I thought it to be a google issue as it cleared when the app updated some time ago.

PS I have recategorised this into the help one for the moment until we have more information to classify this as a bug.

I’m still on 1.6, and can confirm that this happens with a lot of music players. I think this was already discussed on the old forum, somewhere? VLC did that, too. (But then, VLC crashes since dunno-which-version whenever the screen locks.)

I think I had the same behaviour with the standard Music app in the beginning, and it went away when I turned of the mood screen. Do you have the mood screen active, @archaeogeek?

I do have the mood screen active- I can try turning it off to see if that sorts it. @Chris_R I think this should be re-classified as a bug though, since multiple people have confirmed it with multiple music players.

Before I do that, is anyone using FP OS v1.8 and still experiencing the problem?

Jepp positive. Saw this issuer about half an hour ago on my FP1U with Faiphone OS 1.8.

It seems Faiphone tries to draw three things at the same time:

  1. The Poweramp Widget witch becomes maximised (normaly it is just shown smal at the Top of the screen).
  2. The Unlock Pattern witch is maximized, too. This pattern can be used, so unlocking the screen is posible.
  3. The right neighbor screen of the unlock screen with the camera symbol on it.

For me it looks like the Faiphone draws this three things rotational. This makes the screen look flickery.


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Hi! I havet the latest update, I use mood background and I havet this issue with all players I use.

Do you still experience this problem with 1.8.5?

Hi Stefan.

I have this problem. I seems to happen with any music player - Poweramp, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Tunein Radio - but not always consistently - I’m streaming now from the Bandcamp app and my unlock screen is fine. It happens when I’ve paused the music, but the player is still open as well as when music is playing. I can draw my unlock pattern easily. I’m not using the mood background.

I’ll try and remember to gather a bit more detailed info about this problem.


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Hi Stefan,

Yes I do, though if I switch off the mood screen then it doesn’t happen.


Hi All,

I’ve just had the same problem with flickering lock-screen occur without
the mood screen on too- I can’t figure out exactly what triggers it, but in
this case it’s not triggered by pausing the music app.


Jepp, it’s still happening.

Dear all,

I’m running 1.8.7 on my FP1 and experience the same problem.

My lockscreen flickers when using uPod Podcast Player to play an episode. uPod adds playback controls to the lockscreen (including a cover art) and I have the feeling that it just doesn’t fit the size of the lockscreen.

Could this be causing the issue of flickering?