Lockscreen Clock Lag

My FP2 lockscreen clock often shows an “old” time when I turn the phone on (I think it shows the time when I last used the phone). It then takes 0.5-1 seconds to refresh to the correct current time. This is quite annoying because I use the phone as my watch and I am getting paranoid, never to be sure whether this is the correct time that I am seeing :slight_smile:

Anybody else having this issue?

Yep, same for me!
But while hating not to have a cloc ALWAYS visible in the status-bar in lock screen I find the described “feature” nice, because you can see what the time was when you used the FP2 the last time :wink:

Sometimes I can see the same behaviour also for the homescreen app.

There is a feature request for this.

I know, I made it :wink:

same issue here, although i’m used to it from previous android phones…
but fairphone should be able to do better!! :wink: