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This is a collection of local forum topics. In several places, these might not (yet) represent an active community, but they are always a good start to find other like-minded people and initiate exchange or activity where you live. If you are starting a topic to chat with others in your area, add a link to it below:

A collection of the local Fairphone communities:

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:de: Treffen in Ulm für alle Fairphoner
Discussion about the Fairphoners address book
Do you know an open source alternative to embedded maps?
Has anyone bought a Fairphone because of you?
Trying to recover deleted photos
Let's have more local/regional Fairphoner groups!
European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam (#EFCT16) (22-28/8/16)
:it: Fairphone in Italiano
Living without Google 2.0 - A Google free FP2
:de: Mikrofon defekt?
:de: Weder Updates noch Apps-Installationen mehr möglich
New support article: We have a map of Fairphone physical touch points (Store Locator)!
:netherlands: Fairphone 1 in omgeving Boskoop
:fr: Fairphoneurs sur PARIS
Ring tone through speaker when headset plugged in
Phone calls hang up
Discussion about the Fairphoners address book
Wipe data from FP1 without battery
Can't find description how to do unified storage solution
Is there a delivery to israel?
:fr: Fairphone en Français
:fr: Chute de téléphone, dois je faire une croix dessus
Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
Screen backlight
Fairphone community in Scotland?
Is there a delivery to israel?
Fairphone T-shirts and more for the community?
Do you know an open source alternative to embedded maps?
:de: :uk: 3 months old Camera Module (new version) does not function
:hockey: Canadian Fairphoners! :canada:
Interest in FP1 repairparty?
:es: Comprar FP2 Recomendaciones
Let's have more local/regional Fairphoner groups!
Fairphoners in Frankfurt am Main?
:de: Repair Shop in Österreich?
New slim back cover
Searching a dealer
Fairphone2 will not start up
:pencil2: Tips on how to organize your (first) Fairphone community meetup
[TAKEN] New FP2 slim case coral red
Challenges installing open os--- battery won't charge/ phone does not shut down
We're using tag groups now
WeAreFairphone Community Server (fairphone.community domain)
Bulk Order / Sammelbestellung Switzerland
:pencil2: Who is active in other online communities?
Anybody interested in a London based event?
Can't send or recieve mms on my FP1U
:gb: :de: Fairphoners in Franken (Bamberg/Nürnberg/Bayreuth und Co) [vacant]
Do you know an open source alternative to embedded maps?
Fairphone Community Café Berlin - 02.09 - 15:00-18:00
Tech spec of FP2 battery
Accessing internal memory on a dead FP2
:czech_republic: Anybody from Czech Republic with Fairphone?
Fairphone motivation! (University project: Call for experiences)
FP2 Won't turn on or charge - See first post for troubleshooting
Storage space running out - temporary fix?
Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
:de: :GB: FP1U lässt sich nicht mehr anschalten/ seems dead
Contacts, telephone, whatsapp and others are not loading or starting
Network of local Fairphoners for technical support: What should someone expect?
Bad internet connection
:de: :gb: Aktuell | Austrian Fairphoners
USB connection to PC: FP2 icon appears, but "this folder is empty"
Can not go back from fairphone Open to Fairphone OS
Do you recommend the Fairphone 2?
Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
Live Wallpaper Picker crashes
Meetup in Barcelona?
Wishlist for the FP2