Loadtime battery Fairphone2

Is it harmful for the fairphone 2 to put it a whole night on the charger, if so, in what time is the battery fully loaded?


It depends on the charger and the left battery power. Full charging needs ~3 hours.

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I’m no expert on batteries, I can only repeat what has been written in the forum before:

  • The Battery stops charging when it’s full, so no it’s not harmful.
  • It’s best for the battery’s health to keep it charged between 40% and 80% as much as possible. Multiple charging cycles to 100% and discharging to low values will decrease the battery’s lifespan.

It’s not harmful, the phone have circuits that cut the charge once it’s loaded, but its not Eco friendly :slight_smile:
You will need about 3h to charge it


Dear Tofra,

Thank you very much, I’m very much helped by your answers.

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The tools to measure this correctly cost a bit but I assume that the power drawn will be nearly around zero. The new chargers and power supplies don’t work like the heavy transformer ones in the “old days” anymore.

A standby charger consume about 0,5watts on idle , now imagine a billion of charger drawing o,5watts off the grid, you now have a nuclear reactor core dedicated to that…
Also, some charger, even supposedly high quality (I’m looking at Ankers charger !) Are drawing more than 5 watts in idle !

What kinds of tools have you used to measure it? Just wondering. 5 Watts sounds crazy. And idle charger should be way below 1 Watt. Even 0.5 watts still sounds high but it’s going in the right direction. Most tools cannot measure low power usage correctly, the ones that can are expansive. If you own two cheap but good multi-meters you can try to measure I and A at the same time and try to calculate it yourself (but don’t kill yourself while trying to do that!).

Let me ask you a different question: Where do you think does the power go if there is no draw? There are only a few circuits in the charger and no external draw.

If one wants to safe energy at home: Stop using hot water :slight_smile: Every cup of tea and every hot shower kills kilowatts. For one hot bath, one can let a charger idle for a long time.

I’m not saying charges don’t eat energy, but for me it’s picking the wrong fight. Flying? Yes. Driving a car? Yes. Having a big graphics card? Yet. But a phone charger?

BP can spill millions tons of oil and get away with it. Car companies still build cars that make no sense. Most buildings still need way too much energy because the landlords know that their tenants will pay the heating bill not them. Kids do city hopping with cheap flights and share their data with Air BnB in 24/7 data-centers but unplug their chargers each night. I don’t get that.

Maybe not the best link (He’s dead, there are some mistakes, but it’s an interesting read):


Update, Links (newer chargers use even less coils, but I cannot find them right now)

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