Living without Google 2.0 - A Google free FP2

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To the guys and girls that have followed the awesome descriptions of this thread to get rid of as much google as possible:

Have you had any problems with the new update. I’m wondering if and which of the changes we made will be reset when updating the OS. Are all google apps and services still disabled or are there any cheeky comebacks?

I had uninstalled a couple of Google Apps. Those were reinstalled during the update (so I needed to disable them after the update). All the other “googly” apps that I had disabled before (without uninstalling them) remained unchanged (= disabled). Otherwise, the update worked pretty smoothly. :slight_smile:


I just added the currently tested Version of FPOSOS to the first post.

Just FYI, I’ve found two apps doing this. First, the new app SnooperStopper, who’s main purpose is to be able to have different passwords for encryption and lock screen, also offers to reboot the phone after a customizable number of failed attempts to unlock the screen lock. It’s also available via F-Droid after you’ve added the eutpia.cz repository to F-Droid.

Secondly, there’s the app Wrong Pin Shutdown, where the last version on F-Droid is from 09/15, because it hasn’t been open source anymore since then. It reboots the phone after 10 failed attempts.

Thirdly, there’s also the app Locker, which wipes the data partition after a customizable number of failed attempts to unlock the screen lock.


It seems that now there is: LeafPic, see also the screenshots on the Github site (I have also posted it in Picture viewer app: what’s your choice? - I hope that’s fine). Though it may still be in (early) development phase. I haven’t test it yet, because the preinstalled open-source AOSP Gallery app is fine for me.

Btw I wonder whether the preinstalled gallery app in FPOS (with Google Apps) is actually the same as the one in FPOSOS and so is open-source as well? Could someone with a preinstalled OS (who knows how to use adb) try the following commands in a terminal after having enabled USB-Debugging? (root is not needed, I think)

$ adb shell
$ pm list packages -f | grep Gallery

The output should be one line containing the package name and path of the Gallery app. If it’s


this would at least be a hint that it’s the AOSP version (otherwise (i.e. if it was a proprietary Google app) it should be something like com.google.[...], I guess).


I’m pretty sure the default Gallery app on FPOS-GMS (that with Google Apps) is Google Photos. I remember the lack of gallery after disabling all Google Apps.

LeafPic is great, and the one and only gallery on F-Droid. Using it by default for some days and no problem at all (they’ve fixed some weird video playing bug in the last release). Hope it gets more features to be a drop-in replacement for my friends using Quickpic.


Indeed, I now remember that I’ve heard of Google Photos. Thanks for the feedback!


I apologise if this doesn’t belong here (The only other post on this forum mentioning LeafPic is the thread that @tphysm links to in post 273…). However, has anyone else come across a bug where Open Camera and LeafPic don’t quite see eye to eye?

I’ve got the two open source apps installed (and the two built in cousins disabled…), LeafPic (v.0.2.7) and Open Camera (1.28.1).

Problem with LeafPic and Open Camera:
Running Open Camera and then tapping the icon to view the last taken photo: I get a prompt telling me “Unfortunately, LeafPic has stopped.” and the only option available is “Ok”. Not much to go on…

For completeness, I compared the behaviour versus the two built in apps:

Uninstalling LeafPic, re-enabling built in Photos app. Running Open Camera and tapping the icon works fine.

Uninstalling Open Camera, re-enabling built in Camera app. Running Camera and swiping down the last taken photo is fine.

Disabling Photos and (re-)installing LeafPic - Running Camera works fine, tho it looks like Camera’s got it’s own “picture viewing” app and doesn’t (try to) run LeafPic.

Although as @tphysm did write:

Maybe I just need to wait a bit, or better yet submit a bug to the developer(s) of LeafPic.

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I should add that running LeafPic on it’s own (not from Open Camera), works just fine.

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I came across the same bug. Maybe it is LeafPic’s responsibility, since it is a pretty new app.

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LeafPic probably doesn’t support being opened within another app (yet).

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They should be already aware of it.

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Is it possible to use the FP2OOS only with Google Play Store? I don’t want to have all this Google Bloatware on my phone but I want to keep the Play Store. Is this possible?

Short Answer: No.

You can install Open GAPPS which ALWAYS come with Google Services.
Or you can install an alternative App Store or use a different way to get apps from the play store.

I moved your post here where you will find more info about these two options.

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Interesting fact: I downloaded the Play Store app via CHIP.de (a german IT-Magazine) and installed it, but I cannot open the app.

Well it probably won’t work without Google Services, which you don’t have installed.

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I think this everything-or-nothing-policy from Google is very unfair to the users.


But I think I’ll go back to Google’s CrappSuite since living without the Play Store is almost impossible… :frowning:

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