Living without Google 2.0 - A Google free FP2

Question: has anyone gotten OSMAnd to work with the location settings set to “device only”? Mine only works with high accuracy, but for that to be selected, my data has to be sent to google, which I don’t want. When I have it set to device only, OSMAnd keeps saying “Position not yet known”, pretty much no matter what I do. Even getting navigation information between two separate addresses (so not from “Current Position” but from two addresses I enter manually) results in the error “Position not yet known”. Any thoughts?

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Are you sure (no offence intended, pure interest!)? I thought that e.g. the DNS of google is still used, thus google knows every website you access.


Call me paranoid, but I think that’s not true. You can disable the mayority of Google applications, but some of them (invisible to the user, mainly service providers) cannot be disabled and may still make connections to Google. If they do or not, we cannot be sure without spoofing the network, because the Data use option (in Settings) is probably showing them merged into Android System consumption.

I’m pretty sure the service that provides push notifications through Google Cloud Messaging (that doesn’t require a Google account and it’s independent) is one of those, invisible and undisableable.


It’s true: I don’t know for sure if Google is fully restricted if you disable All Gapps & Services.

I had to look up what DNS means, so no idea.

AFAIK that is part of “Google Play Services” and those can be disabled.

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AFAIK that is part of "Google Play Services" and those can be disabled.
Well, I've no Google-invaded Android device right now (I'm running a self-compiled FPOS-OS on my FP2), thus I can't be _pretty sure_ as I stated. That was just a guess.

Anyone running FPOS-GMS with Google Apps disabled (and with BlankStore installed) can test GCM push notifications? (To be transparent: Push Notification Tester is open source, but Google will receive a unique identifier of your device to send back a push notification)

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I don’t think Google DNS is ever used on the FP2, even with all Google services enabled. Instead, the DNS server assigned by DHCP or the network settings is taken. Unless you explicit set the Google DNS server in the network settings.
A reason why Google DNS may not be used is because you can’t access hosts in the local network by name anymore.


I have to admit that I have no deeper knowledge about how mobile networks work.

But I can say that I don’t own a mobile network and thus wouldn’t call it a local network. I probably share it with all the customers who bought the SIM card from the same company I bought it from. :wink: Sure, using WIFi you’re absolutely right, just wanted to point out that there is a different usage scenario as well. :slight_smile:

And to be honest the usage of Google DNS was something I just read somewhere (and cannot find again right now). I’m no expert in Android and just wanted to question the statement from @paulakreuzer as it is a topic I’m not familiar with and I would love to learn more about.



just found this article:

It is in german, but there is mentioned that a Google free FP2 and even other OS are prepared and will be probably available soon :slightly_smiling:

Is there already an official roadmap?


Does anyone here use Whatsapp and receives push notifications without Google Play and Google Services and stuff? I thought I read something about that in this forum previously but I can’t find it anymore.

WhatsApp uses its own push notifications servers, independent from Google’s.


After disabling all google stuff, it seems not to be doing that anymore though… :frowning:

AFAIK you need to reinstall WA for this to work. Don’t forget to backup your chat data.

I think the issue was that I disabled Synchronization entirely (cause I was afraid that google might use it). But apparently Whatsapp needs that


After disabling apps and syncing for most Google stuff ( I only have Framework, Play services and Calendar left running) I am still struggling to find a decent free calendar app to replace Google Calendar. I need it to have a web interface so I can input from a PC (just like Google’s) and cloud syncing so I can consult it on multiple devices. I tried Jorte but the interface is ugly and advertisement takes up too much screen space. Any suggestions?

I use acalendar and without Google framework. If you need it use microg.
Lg ivi

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I use Etar and davdroid with owncloud.


Thanks for that guys. However I don’t think Etar and aCalendar have a web interface. It is Android apps only isn’t it?

Well, they are just user interfaces for calendars. If there’s a web interface depends on the calendar you use (Google, caldav server etc.). Have a look at the FAQ of aCalendar

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Like Irina said, acalendar is only the display unit . a web fronted could be owncloud. I’m using it as a central base for calendar entries, and sync them to the phone and to Thunderbird on my PC. Also contacts, btw

Acalendar is a app, sure but you wanna run a caldav server on your android gear…
I also using a owncloud cladav solution at home , and wite a raspberry server a great solution…
And snyc it with davdroid, great app and free .
Greetings ivi