Listen music for port USB FP2

Is it possible to connect FP2 to the radius - CD of the car for port USB to listen to music?

Here’s a topic about the compatibility with USB devices: ✏ FP2 : USB device compatibility
I don’t know if you’ll find an answer there, but you could share your experience there after testing your device.

Thanks Irina
The topic you mention is about connecting something to the FP2. (FP2 host)
I think he wants the opposite, to connect the FP2 to something. (FP2 device)

When you connect the FP2 as device, you can select the USB mode you want to use.

It will surely work if you select SDCARD sharing, as it is standard UMS like a regular USB drive. But you can only share the contents of your SD card, and the FP2 won’t be able to access sdcard files while plugged in this mode.

You can also try MTP or PTP, but that will be more dependent on your car audio capabilities.

What is radius-CD ? Check for its technical specs about USB or bluetooth compatiblity. (or do you mean ‘radio’, haha :slight_smile: )

I don’t know if the FP2 will work with your car over USB. At least the USB connection doesn’t work with the car of my father, the radio just shows an error. But a Bluetooth connection works with that radio (without stuttering from which some other FP2-car Bluetooth connections suffer).

I think the safest way would be an audio cable. Then you can try if the USB/Bluetooth connection works.

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@TobiasF do you have an SD card in your phone ? As I mentioned, USB mass storage on the FP2 will only share the content of the SD card.

Yes (64 GB). But I have set the USB mode to MTP. And the music is on the internal storage.

Yes, UMS should be a quite universal solution, as it makes your sdcard appear as a dumb regular USB stick. But your sdcard only.

Bluetooth is also an option, as the audio quality should be sufficient for a car, and it’s quite useful for calls while driving.

Also, good old 19th century Jack still does a great job :slight_smile:

In Paris, we have self-service electric cars, and disappointingly they have no USB nor BT nor Jack input… I bought an FM EMITTER, and well, the sound quality is not awesome but it does its job too.

Hi Irina,
Thanks, this information is very good, now I have to try several things they say to see if it solves my problema … I will answer you!.

For the other friends,

I want to connect my phone to my radio-cd car, for example … listen online music (not from the SD card).

If you have any answer, please say us … thank you very much!

@oskikar i already replied to you with 3 possibilities :

  • bluetooth
  • jack
  • FM transmitter

I don’t know of any other.

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