List of most popular questions in this forum

Should we create a wiki post with all different FAQs that we see quite often on the forum?
I know there is a support page with known issues but I think in the forum this is missing. We could pin it to the top.
Also it happens often to me that there is a question that has been asked many times but I can’t find the related article quickly.

I’d include links to following topics:

  • Software update FP1
  • battery issues (bloated, decharging, …)
  • production news
  • user access levels
  • FP1 marketplace
  • other support resources (zendesk, …?)
  • community contact (local fairphoners)
  • Jolla, Sailfish
  • ifixit
  • maybe more? …

What does everybody else think?


I don’t think that people would use this, if they don’t use the search or the official support pages.

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We could maybe include a list of “topics to check before posting” in the pinned welcome topic?


I think this is a good suggestion. We should decide, which posts should go into that list, based on the number of the duplicate questions.

At least the little guide to FP1(U)'s battery is a must, IMO.

PS.: I changed the topic title because FAQ refers to this:

These questions aren’t asked that much, it seems to me. Maybe you conceive things differently.

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Hm, I think when my battery has started to bloat, I’m not interested in the number of batteries, which have had the same problem.

Ok, let’s take a step backwards. We (the community) cannot compile a list of popular questions and try to answer them with information that we do not have. Send them an(other) email and ask them (they get paid for answering such questions). Please discuss realistically here.

I guess you’re right, I’ll delete my posts. It’s not worth our time going in circles here all the time.