List of available wifi not updated? / wifi not functioning at all

Since a couple of weeks, my list of available wifi’s is not updated. I keep seeing old wifi channels that are not in range and not the channels that should be here… Any idea what the cause could be?

Update: at home, I tried to add my own network (SSID/WPA2) - after entering ‘add network’ nothing happens: the network is not added.

Help would be appreciated…

I don’t know much about this. You may try resetting your router. This might help you out.

There were/are a couple of bugs that led to WiFi list freezes. The latest software update helped in some cases. If it doesn’t, try working around the issue by turning airplane mode on and off again when it does freeze. There are likely to be further fixes in upcoming updates.

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Hi Johannes, yes, I think that the update resolved my problem. It has gone away, lately. Thanks for replying.

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Wifi is one of the best inventions in the history of technology. We don’t need wires to constantly stay connected to our laptop or computers for high-speed internet. We can do it wireless. I faced this problem before and l found out my wifi was infected by virus. I did a factory reset and it started working properly. You can post on facebook groups as well because people are more active there. For better results, you can post with images and screenshots as well.

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