LineageOS on the FP1?

Dear all,
Does anybody know if it is or will be possible to put lineageOS 14.1 or 15 on the FP1?
So i could use it much longer.
Thanks for your answers!


No, it unfortunately won’t be possible. The latest OS is the #kitkat Macadamia alpha.

Let’s continue in the other thread.

I don’t know if someone posted this question already elsewhere, but would it be possible to build a LOS for the FP1? @z3ntu you did some work on the FP1, I saw it even on postmarket.os , what do you think? And there are LOS builds for phones which have the same age that the FP1, that made me dream…

Thank, @AnotherElk. I found in this post some answers… So it seems that it is not possible. :weary:
Or perhaps @danxuliu has some more ideas? Is he still active?

you won’t find driver for the chipset

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