LineageOS GPS fix

Hello, I am trying to get Location to work in LineageOS (without GAPPS) as the Google Maps app is not able to recognize my location. I installed F-Droid app’s “UnifiedNlp (No GAPPS)”, “MozillaNlpBackend” and “Déjà Vu - A local RF based back end for the µg Pro” but nothing …
Previously I had FP Open OS and it didn’t work either.
Can you help me?

You need install UnifiedNLP as a system app to get network based location working.

However, it did not work reliably for me under LineageOS 17.1. It usually provides one location and seems to crash, but I have not investigated further.

GPS should work out of the box with LineageOS 17.1. Have you tested it with OSMand~?

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@darioce: Does your GPS sensor work with LOS 17.1?

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Yes, works reliably!

How can I convert it into a system app? App “system/app mover” doesn’t work…

I had big issues with the GPS on my FP2 for more than a year, it got worse and worse, I even reset it completely to factory settings, but no change. After having installed LineageOS now, the GPS works perfectly again (I use it for OSMAnd~). This must have been a software issue. I leave the comment here, because I saw that many conversations about the GPS problems on FP2 have already been closed some time ago.


Doesn’t help you now, but for others finding this …
If a problem somehow resides in the installed OS, a factory reset despite its name will not change that (at least in the Android world), as it only deletes user data and Apps and doesn’t touch the installed OS at all.

To resolve OS trouble, the OS needs to be reinstalled. Here’s a guide to really start over from scratch.


@AnotherElk: Good to know that even reinstalling the same OS from completely from scratch could have helped. This could prolong the lifetime of the phones, i.e. would be in line with Fairphone’s aspiration.

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