LineageOS fork including MicroG

Hey guys,

I came from stockROM went to FP Open and through TWRP I was wiping system, data and cache.
Then I tried to flash Lineage + MicroG from their hompage but always get an error. First: “Zip signature failed”. Then I turend off checking signature. Now I’m getting: “Upater process ended with ERROR: 7”.

What I’m doing wrong?

btw one more question: why there is no data manager in Open OS?

I’m using Lineage OS for microG for a little bit more than one week now and it works very well.
the one issue im struggliing with is the MS Outlook App…
The GMS is receiving the push notifications for this app, but that is all.
No notifications when I get a new email…

Does anyone else have this problem?
or even better…
Has a solution for this?


According to the LineageOS for microG website (under F-droid):

You should add microG’s repository to F-Droid, so that you can easily update microG’s packages.

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There are several options that might influence your notifications; in the app itself (under settings -> notifications), in Android (settings -> notifications). You could try if changing these settings help, else try to reinstall the app.

Is anyone of you able to shutdown your phone? Mine always reboots when I try to switch it off.

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This is a known issue that’s already in the Lineage #bugtracker (Issue 24).

Though I have no idea how the MicroG fork relates to the official build and therefore the bugtracker.

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Thanks for the reply…
I checked the settings in the app and in android … all on go!
I reinstalled the app but again no notification
(reinstallation worked for all other apps)
The strange thing is, that the microG GMS recongises the notification coming in, but they won’t get through.
Its like outlook app has a different way of using the GMS…

Thanks for your answer. Indeed, it is exactly the same issue.
As far as I have understood, the MicroG “fork” takes the original LineageOS-sources as starting point.
Is the bug tracker still valid for official LineagoOS? I am a little bit cinfused, I have to admit.

Yes, LOS for mG builds on top of LOS sources, and continuously* rebases its sources to get LOS security updates and fixes. Therefore, any bug or issue that isn’t specifically related to the microG integration belongs to LOS.

*= I don’t know the exact frecuency, but it seems to be daily by the wording on the webpage. Didn’t check myself, though.

Hi, i didnt use the GMS before but I activated to use register for signal and then kept it active for few apps (6) that uses it. However i have realized a higher battery usage and i can confirm somehow GMS tends to drain the battery.

I assume LOS + GApps suffers from this problem. Does LOS + mG suffer from this problem?

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Hi !
I updated to the last version (14.1-20171122-FP2) of LineageOS+MicroG (which correspond to the official image of 21/11/2017 I assume). I’ve kept the modem 4437.1-FP2-0-07.

@chrmhoffmann if it can help you, can I provide any logs, kmsg, etc. ?

For bug 24 please look at the tracker and upload the requested files there.


Obviously mG is not affected.

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For the ADB bug , have you Magisk installed? Then disable “Magisk Hide” option.

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Good hint ! I don’t have magisk but iSu instead, and indeed in the settings there is “control the state of ADB”. Mystery solved, not a LOS bug :smiley:

Maybe a little off-topic, but I haven’t found a better place for this:
I feel like I get huge lags on push messages from Signal since I am on LineageOS for microG with deactivated GCM. Does anybody experience this as well?

The time I used LOS without GCM, I just received push notifications, when the apps were active.
I think to activate GCM and reinstall the apps to register is recommended.

I have one exception … MS Outlook App still has issues with the push notes … still could not figure out why.

Sure, for most apps that’s expeted behaviour. But Threema is configured to use polling and Signal is supposed to work without GCM by design.

Hey guys,

I am thinking about changing to LOS+MicroG. I think I don’t really need GooglePlay and its services… But I have still some questions.

  1. Question would you recommend it up to now? Waht are Pros and Cons?
  2. For what do I really need MicroG compared to a pure LOS without Gapps?
  3. How do I change from my LOS+GApps? I would like to avoid factory reset…