Lineageos 17.1 on FP3+ show System Update notification but no available updates in Updater

Hi there.

I just got a new Fairphone 3+. I am running Lineageos 17.1 on it.

Occassionally I get a notfication “System update - Fairphone 3/3+ Android 10 (3.A.0101) Update - Tap to learn more and download”. But when I tap the notification, nothing happens. The notification does not even disappear.

When I go to Settings → System → Advanced → Updater it does not show me any available updates. I already tried to clear the cache of Updater App and refresh the list of Updates in the App, but it does not help.

Settings → About Phone → Build Number says “lineage_FP3_userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 0c23aef9c3”. I’m not even sure how to verify if this is the newest version. I installed the nightly build from April, 19 from LineageOS Downloads . Which at this moment seems to be the latest build.

I really hope you can help me.


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I got the same notification just now. I assume you have LineageOS with OpenGApps? Because the notification comes from the Google Play-Services.
I dont understand it either…


See also here:


Yes, that’s correct.

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