LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2


You will need the platform-tools from the Android SDK on your computer. Find the Android command line tools section on the page linked and install the SDK tools package. From the SDK Manager, download only the platform-tools (which contains both adb and fastboot) to get adb and fastboot binaries.

The goal is to get the fastboot programme on your computer. If you already have it, skip this step entirely.
The suggested way of getting it, via SDKmanager in the command line tools package, has become a bit more complicated to use lately. If you only need the tools once (and hence don’t need a mechanism to keep them up-to-date), you can skip installing the SDK tools and go straight for the platform tools by downloading from here.

@Johannes Yes, that was my issue… still, I did not understand very well, so I did as @Friek suggested…

Everything seems to work now… but, is there a way to disable one sim slot?

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I have a question : having installed the TWRP image with OTA fix, the modems and the Lineage OS ZIP once again (I was curious to seen Fairphone Open with Android 6), I made an update and its build number is 4406f0c793.

The strange thing is : the update came with an other update file from the same date, I thought it was a bug and deleted it (too quickly !). But now, when I want to update my phone again, the updater says no update is available. Do I have to reflash everything, or is it possible to sideload the latest OTA update ? If it is possible to sideload it, will it wipe my data ?

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the version you have installed seems to have a problem with the updater.
I had the same problem earlier today.
You can download the current version from

flash with TWRP, you’ll keep your data.

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I did a backup anyway, but it worked :grin: Thanks @Bergziege !! :clap: :clap:
I can confirm the FM radio works :


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I updated to latest Lineage version today and noticed, that there is a new “” ( available. I came from Fairphone Open and used the old “” ( for installing Lineage the first time.
Are there any important modifications of the “” and is it recommended to flash the newer file?

The new contains the latest modem firmware from the Fairphone Open 17.06.4 release and therefore the latest security and bug fixes for the modem firmware.

It is not necessary, but recommended to flash the newer file.

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I’ll just leave this here:

Someone please update first post, I need to take a break, this took me three days. @snevas @paulakreuzer @Stefan


Good man, excellent!! :+1: :clap:

Edit: Thought that, maybe @paulakreuzer or @Stefan can do this.

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Yeah, it was fixed, but Discourse refuses to update the link in the preview. The dynamic latest link is


Great job @Roboe!

I made the first post into a #wiki, but I’ll let someone else update it. I’m not familiar with the OTA procedure (yet), instead I am still updating via TWRP.

PS: I finally went ahead and switched to the OTA updates and updated the first post - assuming I did everything right.

I also queued the F-Droid privileged extension, should we include that as an option in the guide too?

Also the guide says:

but only in the “When coming from any other OS” part. Is the modem file not necessary when you come from @chrmhoffmann’s build?


I just got back from a relaxing vacation and noticed there is a new Android security bulletin ( which is already included in the lineage source. Apart from that there are some more changes ( which could be usefull so I’ve started a new build.

To see the progress:

Afterwards the build is finished it will automatically become available Over The Air.


That’s great news. Many thanks for this. Initially I had a recurring error with the download check but after a phone restart the update went without further obstacles.
My phone runs smooth as before.

Just one thing. The updater now offers the same update again. See screenshot. I guess it’s just cosmetic.

This is just the downloaded zip on your phone. If you choose ‘Delete downloaded files’ from the 3-dots-menu in the upper right corner and search again it’ll not show the update anymore.


Adding some info, probably that is mean for reinstalling the system easily if you happen to mod it with Xposed or system mods.

thanks for the flashable zips…amazing…i installed microg. i then wanted to uninstall microg and install only the unified nlp. however, i am not able to uninstall microg core services and other stuff through f-droid. it says: error during deinstallation. is it because it is integrated in the system? how do i uninstall microg and install only unifiednlp?
Thanks again for your great contribution…

Exactly. The main purpose for flashable microG is to integrate it into the system.

Simplest option to delete any of my flashable ZIPs:

  • Fire up a file manager with root capabilities like Amaze and delete the OTA survival script at /system/addon.d/ You can do this too through TWRP’s file manager.
  • Go to Lineage Updater and reinstall the latest Lineage OS release.

Otherwise, you could inspect the OTA survival script, get the easy-to-find list of files and delete the listed files manually. Don’t forget to delete the script itself too after that.


thanks a lot. that did it. Have a great day!

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