LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2

thanks for the flashable zips…amazing…i installed microg. i then wanted to uninstall microg and install only the unified nlp. however, i am not able to uninstall microg core services and other stuff through f-droid. it says: error during deinstallation. is it because it is integrated in the system? how do i uninstall microg and install only unifiednlp?
Thanks again for your great contribution…

Exactly. The main purpose for flashable microG is to integrate it into the system.

Simplest option to delete any of my flashable ZIPs:

  • Fire up a file manager with root capabilities like Amaze and delete the OTA survival script at /system/addon.d/ You can do this too through TWRP’s file manager.
  • Go to Lineage Updater and reinstall the latest Lineage OS release.

Otherwise, you could inspect the OTA survival script, get the easy-to-find list of files and delete the listed files manually. Don’t forget to delete the script itself too after that.


thanks a lot. that did it. Have a great day!

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OTA Updates don’t work for me.
Whenever I tap on the update I get the “updater keeps stopping” message.
I already cleared chache and data of updater and settings app and cleared system cache, but nothing changed.

Which build are you on? If you send me the ip you’re trying to update from
by pm I’ll trace it server-side.

@snevas will you switch your build prozess to the Lineage repos now?

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I will not use my GitHub repos anymore.



Yup, I’ll switch it to the official repo. When the the port is official I’ll make 2 migration zips to jump

  • from the chrmhoffmann build to the official ones
  • from the WeAreFairphone (OTA) build to the official ones
    without a factory reset.

New build available Over The Air using the official LineageOS repo’s:

Apart from upstream changes nothing was changed. First boot after the update will take a while.


Great job. Thanks a lot! :ok_hand:

Removing the latest build as it has a issue with screen brightness. If you notice this behaviour, wait for a update or just download the 20170708 zip from here and flash through TWRP (downgrade).

New OTA update available from the official lineageos repo’s and the brightness bug fixed! It has the date 20170730.

Forgot to add the OTA url, so starting a new build now, which will become available in a few hours with date 20170731. If you already updated to 20170730, please flash manually through TWRP. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Just tried to install the latest build. It gets downloaded and then says: Damaged or insecure build and does not get installed.

Update: A Restart did the trick.

For me the restart didn’t help… I caught the zip file, this is ok, zip does work… Something else?

You can always use TWRP to flash the latest zip :slight_smile:

Update from 31.07 works OTA without problems for me :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

Also put a new modem zip (SHA512) on the buildserver. When you have strange behavior with SIMs / reception / networking or other radio-related stuff, you can update manually through TWRP.

Here is what’s changed:

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I have released a test build of my flashable zip for installing microG with live setup here.
It allow to choose between Google Play Store and FakeStore.

The thread is here.

If I use OpenGapps, do I have to reflash them with every Lineage OS update ?

No, you don’t have to.