Lineage-18.1: Unofficial test build

This doesn’t help.

When you boot the phone, do you get the boot animation atleast? What exactly happens when you try to boot?

I’ve been using this version for a week and I’m very satisfied. The positive thing is that I can connect my sports watch and the Pokemon go plus to bluetooth again, which was not possible with LOT 17.1. What does not work now is the GPS no longer finds me in two games (Pokemon go and Jurassic World Alive) in the building where it found me in LOS 17.1.

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Have you put “High accuracy” (searching with Bluetooth and with WiFi) in the settings?
I’m also playing PkmnGo on this LOS18.1 build and it finds my position inside and outside :slight_smile:



Thanks for the tip I had set the “high accuracy” but without WiFi and bluetooth. I changed it and now it works.


The installation of LOS 18.1 works well.
But for LeOS I am stuck at the splash screen. I think the build has still problems. How could I take a log for the boot problem?

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Now that the official Android 9 update for the FP2 is out I no longer need beta testing that and can fiddle around with other stuff again :smiley:

Installed the latest build plus mindthegapps and the biggest “surprise” was that I was asked if I wanted to restore a backup I may have from another Lineage devices. That’s actually the first time I’ve installed LOS after the incorporation of Seedvault backup :wink:
In fact I did have a backup because I’ve built my own version of LOS to include Seedvault myself quite some time ago. It worked flawlessly. And even more: as I have the gapps installed as well I can select which backup solution to use. I more or less expected Seedvault to get overriden with the gapps backup but it’s great to see it working in parallel, too.

Phone feels actually quite fast, but then there are only very few apps installed so far.


At some point, when LOS 18.1 is released, there will be the option to upgrade from LOS 17.1. Is there a way to test that in advance? Is it a matter of installing the LOS 18.1 image and it’ll handle the upgrade or does there need to be a specific upgrade image?


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Yeah! :partying_face:
Lineage-18.1 is ready for going official. The first builds will be online soon.

So what is missing for the FP2 to get official support?


Normally an upgrade cannot be done through the updater, but you would have to flash LOS 18.1 via e.g. TWRP and if used also flash the applicable Gapps Version for Android 11. So same procedure es for initial installation. Normally its not necessarily required to wipe data before the upgrade, so when all runs smooth you can keep all settings and data, still a back-up is always advisable. what do you mean with “test it before”?


@chrmhoffmann @z3ntu Thanks you very much for your effort :heart:

After changing the Core Module and getting rid of the random reboots issue I really enjoy LOS 18.1 as daily driver on my FP2.

Regarding this thread I have a small request: Could someone please add the tag “linegeaos” to the thread? I frequently check the news about LOS in the forum and it’s a pain in the ass to find this thread - if you are not logged in :yum:

Thanks in advance :+1:


Adding the tag is a great idea anyway, but if you need to find a topic every now and then you could use the bookmark functionality of the forum.


Good idea but probably not usable



In the past few days, I have had certain apps freezing and receiving the message no reaction, I also have the same message with the system. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Yes: I have often this behaviour, always with the same high-consuming app ( Pokémon Go). Either:

  • Pokémon Go is not responding → kill the app
  • Interface is not responding → kill / black screen for 10sec / working again

Does anyone know when LOS 18.1 will be officially available for download? I can’t find it on the homepage yet


Hi @chrmhoffmann and other LOS 18.1 developers,

Are there any thoughts on moving the official build for the FP2 to LOS 18.1? Is it something you are contemplating? I understand that this isn’t straightforward and that you probably have other commitments. Do you need any more testing logs or similar?

By no means do I want to rush this along. I was just wondering whether there was a timeline and whether I/the community could help :slight_smile:.

Thanks for all your work so far!

For this part of the question, LineageOS rules apply: never ask for an ETA :wink:


Noted. Thank you :wink:. That’s a good rule!


Seems like I broke that rule, too. Sorry about that, guys! Didn’t want to rush anyone