Lineage 15.1 microg - upgrades disabled for some yalp apps

Hello everyone,
Since i updated from 14.1 microg to 15.1 microg i’m experiencing troubles with some yalp apps which have their upgrade disabled showing : phone uncompatible with this version.
Do you have any idea why it happens now ans not before and if i can correct this behavior to continue using these apps?

Results of upgrading a 14.1 installation to 15.1 instead of installing 15.1 from scratch were mixed as far as I recall … from people having no trouble at all to people getting stuck in the process and having to install from scratch anyway.
How exactly did you get from 14.1 to 15.1?

Did you try to uninstall Yalp and install it again?
If all else fails, you can always install LineageOS from scratch.

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Of course i should have thought of that!
Reinstalling Yalp did the trick.
Thanks !!

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