Limited/No Warranty if I buy a returned Fairphone 5

Hello everyone,

I am currently searching for a Fairphone 5 and came across some “used” ones on eBay from official sellers who state that the phone is one that was returned by the customer.
I bought my 3+ in the same conditions and still had the official warranty. However, they state in their offers that there is no offical manufacturers warranty because it is a returned item.

I find this very confusing as it states on the fairphone website that every Fairphone 5 that is bought in 2023/2024 gets even a the extended warranty.

So, does anyone know of this?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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You can only claim warranty when you have the invoice.
So buying a secondhand phone only gets warranty if you get the invoice from the previous owner.

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Thank you for your reply Lidwien.
And with that invoice you mean the original invoice and not the invoice I will get from this seller?
In Germany (and I think this applies for all EU) we have a limited warranty on used devices of 12 months when the seller is a professional company and not private.
When I bought my Fairphone 3+ as a used item from a seller and it had a fault after some weeks, I was able to get it fixed through the Fairphone support with the invoice of the seller.
This should also apply for the Fairphone 5.
However, I will probably not get the extended 5 year warranty as I do not have the official/original invoice, correct?

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Yes, with the invoice from the reseller you will have limited warranty from the reseller.
For extended warranty you need the invoice from the first buyer and the first buyer must have claimed extended warranty.


Perfect. That is all I needed. Thank you!

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