Letting down your first customer

Hello everybody!

Some of might have the same problem as me and maybe tried to solve it with the support and/or on community spare parts market.

My FPU1 display is broken and there are no spare parts and there will be no in future.

I felt more than disappointed about that fact and wrote to fairphone again.

You can see below what they answerd:

Philipp Reitza February 06, 2017 11:03
Hey Fairphone-Team,

I write this as answer to your mail about my requsr Request #155869.

My FP1U Dispaly is broken but spare parts are sold out and if i get you right, there won´t be any new one.
Your tip was to take a look into community where I can found marketplace for spareparts.

Ok, i,ve been there. Have you been there, too? There you can find many, many people from al over europe with same problem like me: broken display.
What you can´t find there is a spare part display!
I was willing to even pay 180€ for a used dispaly, but there was some other guy willing to pay even more.

My question is, is that what you think of being fair?

All the people who bought FP1 and FP1U made this movement as great as it is now.
We gave you the money to build up this movement and we belived in your or better to say in our goals.
Cause i belive in reducing waste, fairtradet and fairproduced products with ability to last long lifetime.
You told, Fairphone would exactly do this!

Of course, I understand that you can´t archieve all of your/our goals within few month or years and I understand, that you can´t do this with your first product, like FP1 und FP1U.

But I don´t understand, why you let down all the people who believed in your/our goals, who supported you and trust your vision!

I liked my FP1U very much and enjoy working with it. I never thought about getting an other phone for all the time i used it and woulden´t think about for the future.
But hey, every god damn Iphone user gets´s spare part dispaly for his four years old phone! Maybe you better think about!

If it´s to difficult to produce spare parts for the FP1and FP1U than why you don´t make an offer to us?
An offer like getting FP2 for lower price or getting a reward for sending back our FP1 and FP1U to you, so they can be used as spare parts, too?

More then little disapointed greetings from Dortmund


But they refuse to send me more than an autoresponse mail for 8 days, so I wrote again…

Philipp Reitza Yesterday at 15:28
Ok, dear Fairphone-Team.

This is all I get?

One autoresponse mail and then silence?

I really expected a little more interest in your customers problems…

I think I will wait another two days, maybe your able to write an answer to me…

No greetings this time, I am angry!!!


And hey, Fairphone managed to answer me within a few hours…

George Today at 14:16
Dear Philipp,

I am really sorry and I do understand your frustration.
I wish I could offer you a solution , however I am unable to.
I can reassure you that your criticism will be taken under serious consideration, and
we will not repeat our mistakes in our Fairphone 2.
I am afraid there is nothing more we can do for your Fairphone 1 and your understanding is highly appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything further you may require.

Kind regards,

☆ Fairphone || Buy a phone, join a movement!
✆ 09:30-17:30 CET under +31 20 788 4400

I don´t know what you think, but i feel ver very disappointed with this reply.

Am I alone with this thought?

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