Letters on email/SMS keypad have stopped working

The touch screen keypad is becoming unresponsive in certain letters ie x, r, d making it impossible to write coherent emails or messages - I have a batch 2 Fairphone

What do you mean with unresponsive in certain letters?

  • Are touches registered at all and maybe off a little?
  • Or are no touches registered at all if you click in that area?
  • Does it only happen if you are typing or are the same regions of the touchscreen “unresponsive” when you do something else (scroll, press a button, etc)?

Are any of these issues related?

You should do the touchscreen test!

Hi Franz
Specifically I mean the letters r, d, f, x and c do not respond on any app that requires typing letters - its not off or delayed just cant type anything with those letters in the word
I’ve tried touching on the same area of the screen on different apps and they work fine so it seems to just be the kep pad - eg I tried the calculator app and that works fine

I checked the three links you sent - no its none of those issues exactly though the third one I have also experienced eg the phone going off on its own typing emails and messages without me touching it - hasn’t happened for a while though now

I do have a cracked screen and have bought a replacement but not got round to replacing it yet…


This really sounds strange. What keyboard are you using? Have you tried other keyboards? Does it also not work in landscape mode?

In the end my guess would still be that the broken screen is the culprit. So if you want to replace it anyway, I would do that first before trying anything else.

I suggest you try a different keyboard app. There are plenty in the app stores.

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