Let's have some #fun!

Hey hey hey… I’m back! :smiley: I’ll need some reading to get updated as to what’s going on here, would someone do a quick summary of the last 3 months?

New challenge: break my record of having as many notifications and messages on your profile picture :wink:


Edit: I can advice you against having so many, having new notification with so many already makes the forum glitch :sob:


Hi and nice to you back here on the forum.

Well the summer solstice has gone and the days are getting shorter, well in the northern hemisphere.

See you around then :slight_smile:

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Welcome back then Alex, good to see you!
I also read that Antoine will be leaving Montpellier for Paris …

As to the forum, a few glitches since recent updates … one of which I hit just adding that link :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s all go!


I need to know why it glitches to implement on my company mail account before leaving for vacation…:wink:

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LOL! Now every time I see my phone when going to sleep I’ll be thinking on this song xD

Just if eve you wonde eading my posts… I have a defective key on my keyboad (9 yea old thinkpad, you know…), and this outputs vey funny texts since it woks only about twice out of thee. I sometimes eead my texts and find it both funny and unneving…

(okay, I admit, I did this one on purpose)

Edit: Oh no, I had made a mistake


No! I haven’t seen anything funny about your posts, though I may now look more intently and it seems totaly possible to type a half decent sentence without having to use the key you seem to have issues with.

I’m beginning to see how missing just a single alphabetical instance can both be challenging and enightening.

Hope you will still be typing on that old machine as the moons wax and wain whilst the seasons come and go until the sun falls out of the sky.


Then you might want to have a look at the french book “La disparition” (the vanishing) written by Georges Perec, a 300 pages book written without the letter e, and the following, “Les revenantes” (the revenants), written with words all containing the letter e :wink:

(congrats for writing your post without using it btw.)




Is that all ~ that may be expecting a lot from many people it seems, or is that most people ??

I’m installing a FP4 and I’m wondering if anyone could help me to understand the following: Schalten du ein, wenn Sie lieber freischalten möchten, ohne das Telefon aufzuwachen… :thinking:


Is this what you are looking for ?

Tune in if you’d rather unlock without waking up the phone…

Not bad, but not quite, it’s more like …

Power you on, if you’d rather unlock waking up without the phone… :wink:

(The first part is using completely wrong grammar, the middle part is fine, in the last part it’s not the phone that’s supposed to wake up, else it would be “aufzuwecken”.
Automatic translators just have to love German, both DeepL and Google get the last part wrong … although DeepL is able to get the last part for itself right without the context … interesting.)


Just thought I’d share with you this very rare glimpse of 19th Century computing.

Painted in 1879 by Edgar Degas, Edmond Duranty Working at his Computer is a remarkable and very forward-looking work. Of course the only part of the computer that’s shown, is the mouse pad …

Image shows Burrell Portrait of Edmond Duranty

You can see the original work in the Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Scotland.


It’s no wonder that only the mousepad is shown: Edgar Degas and Edmond Duranty were having a video conference and Edgar Degas simply took a screenshot. :point_up:


An impressionist screenshot, now that’s really avant-garde.

Note the all to common gesture with his left hand when things are not going to plan with the claw like right hand trying to grasp at reality.

18+ only

Ehh… Thanks @AlphaElwedritsch, but I’m not sure if I wanted to know that… :sweat_smile:
How to increase the haptic feedback? - #7 by FairphoneHulk


Whenever I hear of the issues with bricked Fairphones related to locked bootloaders, thinking about the pros and cons of locking the bootloader keeps reminding me of the pros and cons of the James Bond car theft protection.


Yes I have dwelt on such ideas, for many scenarios but a) it is illegal to endanger even a thief b) the phone isn’t worth all the trouble.

Oh! and c) it may go off in my pocket.


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