Let's have more local/regional Fairphoner groups!

Very nice words, Urs, thank you! :slight_smile:

You have to do both:

  1. Forum (there are people who got to know the Austrian Fairphoners through the forum, and the meetups originated here, when @EvaS needed help with her display repair; read the first 10 posts in Austrian Fairphoners :smile: )
  2. Facebook (Great to easily create an event and invite your friends and family)
  3. and more. I have, for example, prepared some Fairphone stickers with our contact information, which I give to Fairphone-owners I meet in the street, or lay out at befriended events:


I don’t think this is confidential, as @anon30133089 told me this yesterday at the Vienna meetup: Apparently Fairphone is working on a Fairphoners map where everyone can pin a needle and share their location (something similar to the Local Fairphoners Address Book Map, but open to everyone’s submission).

What I’d like to have is a shortlink to forum posts (e.g. Fairphone | Das Smartphone, das sich für Mensch und Umwelt einsetzt or Vienna Event: "Twentytwenty" Recap - Fairphone) or a micropage for local Fairphoner groups (kind of like the “very basic organizing tool”, you propose).

PS.: From the beginning I was thinking about a European Fairphoners Meetup (this is from the original post in Austrian Fairphoners):

Thinking about it: We should definitely do this! :smiley: Yesterday we were joking about doing a community trip (maybe in the summer holidays) to Amsterdam to visit Fairphone. :airplane: Actually it is not something that’d be impossible… :smirk: