LegoBoost for Smartphones

Christmas question…
The LegoBoost App is going to be available even for smartphones very soon.
Does someone have an understanding if a FP2 is going to be able, strong enough, to drive this App?
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The Display size might be a problem

required minimal specifications according to Lego:
Android tablet with Bluetooth low power technology (BlueTooth 4.1 or higher)
1 GB ram
Dual core processor 1.4 ghz
8” display or larger
Operating System
Android 5.0 or above

To be more accurate (unfortunately): No, it’s not gonna work!
From the Lego Boost app homepage

I haven’t found any hint, that Lego is going to change this. Should it - although not meeting the requirements - work on the FP2 I would expect it to be no fun to use.
If you have any source for your information, try inquiring there for more information and please share your info here.

On their site lego says:
“The LEGO® BOOST App ready on mobile in time for Christmas! Go to for more details.”

So I guess the developers are working like dogs just now to make it happened for Christmas.
It going to be on IOS and Android. Apparently.
The question is more: Is a FP2 going to be strong enough to drive this App?

You won’t be able to find a reliable answer to this before the app is released for mobile and the required specs for that version of the app will be out and/or someone tested it on the FP2.


Sorry, I just don’t share your hopes.
The devicecheck link leads straight to the one I have started with.

The list of tablets offers compatibility lists for Apple, Android, Kindle and Windows10.
And a tablet is a mobile :wink:
So, they already have reached their goal of Lego Boost mobile for x-mas.
I might be wrong and hope so for you, but really don’t feel like it.

Just checking in Play Store :
“Your device is not compatible with this version”

I grabbed the APK outside play store, installed it, and it doesn’t work either (splash screen displays, then the app exits)

So better go for another present idea :slight_smile:
(PS : do you know about scratch project ? it is also a good way to introduce kids into coding, though screen-based without a physical robot)

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Anyone tried with BlueStacks?

If I get it right, BlueStacks is meant to get Android Apps running on PCs?
As the LegoBoost App is running on Windows 10 - not on Windows Phones tough -, I would guess, that there’s no need for BlueStacks here.
The tread-opener was especially interested to get it on his mobile phone.

Of course, I only judge and argue from the sideline only, as I don’t even use Lego. Therefore I might be completely misunderstanding and mistaken.

Oh I see.

I thought BlueStacks was crossplatform, but it is Windows-only. Never been a Linux version, and the macOS version was discontinued Nov 2017.

If you are a linux user wanting to run android apps, did you consider to install android-x86 on your machine ?

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