Left side of the screen doesn't work since update 17.07.6

Since I have updated to 17.07.6, the left side of the screen (keyboard) doesn’t work.
If anyone has a solution for this problem, I will be very happy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Best regards

For a solution you will have to contact Fairphone support (if in a hurry, calling them is expected to give faster results), they can sort out with you whether the display needs to be replaced.

Until then you could try a workaround …

Same Problem here, i wait for an answer since 1st of august

For up-to-date discussion of the problem (hardware), the solution (replacement, usually under warranty), and the delays to the solution (support issues and hardware availability), please see the topic referenced in the second post of this topic, and contribute there if necessary.

(TLDR: closed to avoid duplicate discussions)