Left headphone looses sound from time to time


I have a pair of Fairbuds XL that I use at work (I work at an office). I leave them folded on my desk before I go home. I bought them on the 25:th of July, 2023.

Now to the issue. For about 3 months my left headphone loses sound from time to time. Especially after I left them folded for the night and unfold them and put them on my head when I arrive at work.
When I loose sound on the left headphone, I can get the sound back by push in the USB-C cable (not disconnecting it first, just gently push it in) , or just gently move the left headphone around a bit.

I have tried to disconnect the USB-C cable completely and connecting it again, that helped for a while, but then the issue came back.

Except for disconnecting and reconnecting the USB-C cable on the left headphone, I haven’t done any disassembly at all.