Led stays red while charging

Dear Community,

I have the following issue with my FP2: Two days ago I used a friends charger at his place. However this charger did not work and when I looked at my phone it the led was blinking red.
I thought, “no problem, I’ll just charge it at home”, and so I did. When I plugged it in there was no charging screen and the led went just red ( no blinking).
I left it plugged overnight but the next morning it still didn’t show any signs of life apart from the red led.
The next day I read through this forum and tried to kickstart the battery. No success. I tried all of our 3 chargers. I have used all of them to charge before. Two of them are 5V/1A chargers. I tried to charge from my laptop. I tried to kickstart the battery again. I removed the screen and reassembled. I tried to start without battery while plugged in with the red led alight. No response. Then I plugged it for another 12 hours overnight. I didn’t manage to get any other response than the red led.

Could it be that my battery is broken? Should I try to order a new one?
I am very thankful for any comments.

Well that’s a new one.
Usually - as you can see in the #blackscreenguide - the screen staying black while the LED works suggests a touchscreen issue, but then the LED should still turn yellow and green after some time. Unless the screen somehow uses all the power - does it get very warm while trying to charge?

If I were in your situation I’d try the following:

  • Take the phone apart (remove the cover and the screen as well as all cards and maybe even non-essential (for charging) modules like the top- and camera module)
  • Make sure the battery sits well in the frame - if not put some paper into the gap(s).
  • Now try to charge the battery like this. Beware, the LED is quite intense without the screen - especially if you do this at night. :exclamation:
  • Wait and see if the LED changes it’s color.
  • If it doesn’t the issue must be with battery, bottom module or core module
  • If it does. Wait until it’s green, then put the screen back on and boot the phone. See if it continues charging normally now or if the battery percentage stalls or even declines. (And if the screen works at all of course)
  • If you have an issue now it’s the screen’s fault.
  • Next put in the rest of the modules and cards on by one until you find the culprit if you didn’t yet.
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Thx for your fast answer!
No, the screen does not get warm (like the battery).
I’ll try your suggestion when I get back from work tonight, I’ll also have new battery then and let you know what happens with that.

I have exchanged the battery and everything is back to normal. So it seems that this was a battery failure. I don’t know where it came from though - can a bad charger “destroy” the battery? Anyway, thanks for your help!

Unfortunately what I said above is NOT true.
It seems that all I got was the power that was in the new battery. And while my fairphone SAID it was charging, it wasn’t really.
So I guess this is the same as with the red light - the phone thinks it’s charging but no power arrives in the battery. I realised it too late and now that battery is depleted as well. I ordered a bottom module, because that’s the next thing I want to replace but they’re out of stock and no one knows when they will be back.
Is there any workaround to charge the battery? Since I have 2 batteries now I can charge one while the other is in the phone.

Yeah the bottom module is an option, but it could also be a loosely sitting battery. Have you tried putting paper in the gap(s)?

If indeed it’s the bottom module’s fault just contact support - if they consider it a warranty case they will send you a new one free of charge (they would have sent you a new battery full of charge too ;)). Support has an extra stack of spare parts for warranty cases.

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Thanks for the fast answer, yes I tried fitting in paper (for both of the batteries) but this didn’t work. I will contact support and see what they say.

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