LED notifications do not work

Awesome, I’m so happy to finally have that feature back!


Is anyone here using FairEMail and managed to get LED notifications working?

I don’t use FairEmail, but they have something in the FAQ about this …


Edit: I just had a short look …

Apart from the general setting (Settings - Apps & notifications - Notifications - Blink light) there are Apps which mirror this as a setting for themselves so that you can switch it on or off for the respective App (e.g. Phone and QKSMS in my case) …


… and then there are Apps which don’t offer this setting for themselves (e.g. Email 9 from LineageOS in my case) …


Perhaps there is a way for Apps to properly integrate into Android’s current LED notification scheme, which some Apps just don’t do?

Edit2: The difference between the two behaviours seems to be the support of notification channels as demonstrated by Google here.

The QKSMS screenshot above shows the notification settings for the channel “default”, which was displayed in the App notification settings and which I could tap on to get to these settings.
The Email screenshot above shows the notification settings for the App, but there are no channels to tap on.

Thanks! I also found this FAQ, but according to that and reading a bit left and right it seems that FairEMail uses the mechanism conform to the new Android, which means that you configure blinking LED on the system side. Which I did, but it does not work.
The screenshots you show seem to be changing: Depending on how I configure the notifications, I sometimes have the LED setting, sometimes not, for the same notification channel. If you want to try: Go to the App notifications of FairEmail via Android settings, activate the Service channel and configure the settings: You get your second screenshot. Use FairEMail settings, change the Service channel settings there, you get your first screenshot. If you then use Android settings and again navigate to the Service settings, it stays on screenshot 1. Funny, isn’t it?
Honestly, to me it looks as if there are still bugs…

I just saw that when my display is off a new email notification will make the LED blink blue … without this extra LED setting for the Email App itself.
Make of that what you will.

I just installed the latest update (which said on the download window: “Led notifications now available”.) I was happy.
Now that the latest update is installed, the phone was restarted and no led notifications appear, I’m a little less happy.

They should appear when the display is off.

Otherwise you could check whether Settings - Apps & notifications - Notifications - Blink light is actually enabled.

Which Apps exactly do you want to get blinking?


it’s all good. took a few hours but now it works…

yes! The blinking phone is back. Thank you Fairphone!
It really makes my experience with the phone a lot better. :heart_eyes:

For those that are interested:
I really have not found a satisfactiory alternative to the blinking.
Sounds annoys everyone around me, vibration also makes a sound if the phone is on a table and keeping it in a pocket is not an option because… well…have you seen womens pockets? I can’t even sit down comfortably with a modern phone in my pants pockets (and no, buying different clothes is very much not a satisfactiory alternative :grin:)
Those apps that simulate a led on your screen do kinda work, but for them to not drain the battery you have to compromise on how long the blinking will last and below what battery percentage it should not blink, which makes it kinda unreliable. I also noticed depending on the situation they do drain the battery and I didn’t love having to remember to turn the feature off in those situations. (Most notable for that was a company ski trip that I organized. Lots of messages in the group chat (and i had to be aware of them), low temperatures and bad reception (both of which are hard on the battery)


For me, LED notifications only work intermittently. For WhatsApp, I would say that it works in 1/3 of cases. Usually, I get an audio notification but the LED does not start flashing (with screen turned off). Firmware A.0124.

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I noticed that happens sometimes, but I think (but I’m not sure, because I didn’t look into it too much) that it happens when I left WhatsApp opened (and I lock the phone right there, and not in the home screen) or if I have open WhatsApp web in another device, so the app understand that I’m aware of the notification there :thinking:

I haven’t been able (and haven’t really tried) to discern a pattern either, but I don’t think it has to do with WhatsApp web or WhatsApp being open when I locked the phone. If that was the case, I wouldn’t get an audio notification either, but I get one without fail. On my old phone (Samsung S7) the LED would flash every time I got an audio notification.

What’s more, I have some WhatsApp groups set to ONLY notify me using the LED. This used to work fine on the S7, but hasn’t even worked once on the FP.

To be clear, this is as far from being a deal breaker as can be. On the contrary, it’s only because my FP (which I only received a few days ago) works so surprisingly well in almost every regard that I notice such little things :smile:

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Quick update: FP3 Android 10 update solves the issue. Get nice LED notification now with FairMail.


It doesn’t work anymore on FP3+ with the latest Android 10 october update. I had a FP3 where it did work. The phone broke and I got a FP3+ instead. Now the LED notifications are no longer working unfortunately.

Still works for me on FP3 (new modules) with the October update.


I can confirm, LED are working as expected - BUT this function is deactivated by default installation (I don’t get the sense of this default…). After activating in Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Notifications -> Extended -> Blinking LED I’m happy with the function.


Thanks! I couldn’t find the setting. I’m using Dutch and the translation for Blinking LED is a but strange in Dutch. It is called “knipperlicht” which in Dutch is commonly used for a Turning signal in English.

Instellingen -> Apps & meldingen -> Meldingen -> Uitgebreid -> Knipperende LED …
Does this help? (translated by deepl.com)

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Thanks! I already got it to work. So for al Dutch people that want to find it it is actually called: Instellingen -> Apps en meldingen -> Meldingen -> Geavanceerd -> Knipperlicht.

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